Parliament speaker fueled tensions in Kurdistan Region, KDP spokesman tells Kurdpress
The Spokesman of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), Muhammad Ali Yasin, blamed Kurdistan Region’s Parliament Speaker, Yusuf Muhammad Sadiq, for fueling tensions in the autonomous region in the north of Iraq and that’s why “he lost his post as the region’s parliament speaker.”

Speaking to Kurdpress he said there are many reasons behind the crisis in the region among them fighting against terror, economic trouble, refugee crisis as well as internal and regional political tensions.

Yasin stated that efforts are underway to make an agreement between different sides in the region, adding that resuming the activities of the parliament and making a mechanism to solve problems and hold elections in the region are the region’s priorities.

The official further blamed Movement for Change (Gorran) for not been bound to its deal with the ruling KDP and playing the role of the opposition while it was a part of the government and had 5 ministers in the cabinet of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and the behavior “cost Gorran losing 5 ministries.”

Yasin confirmed to Kurdpress reporter Hasan Salehi that there are efforts between the KDP and its former ally the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) to make a deal in order to overcome troubles in the region, adding that there is room for the other parties to be a part of the deal if “they behave responsibly and feel accountable.”

He later blamed the central government in Baghdad for breaching its agreements with Erbil, the capital of the Kurdish region, and reiterated that it was Baghdad that cut the region’s share of budget and left the KRG with no other choice but to export its oil unilaterally.

Yasin added that the Iraq is no longer a united country and unity has lost its meaning as there are serious tensions among different parties and blocs in Iraq, stressing that the region believes being two good neighbors are between for both Iraq and Kurdistan region.

News Code: 15204  |  Date: 2017/02/04  |  Time: 12 : 33

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