Syrian Kurds make precondition for talking with central government
Kurds in Syria have set 5 conditions for talking with the central government in Damascus and have delivered the conditions to Russia.

Foza Yusef, a founding member of Syria Northern Federalism Council, stated that Kurds in Syria have delivered their plans for the future of Syria to Russia in a meeting with Moscow officials, Sputnik news agency reported.

According to the plan the 5 conditions the Kurds have made are as follow:

1.   Fundamental changes should be made in Syria political system and a federal and democratic government should be established. Kurdish groups will not accept a central government with a language, a nation and a religion.

2.   A democratic constitution should be passed for Syria and a joint committee has to be formed to make the constitution. Kurds lines will not accept the constitution that was ratified in 2012.

3.   The name of country should change as Arab Republic of Syria does not include all ethnics and groups in the country.

4.   A unified, joint and comprehensive policy should be followed against the presence of Turkish army forces and the fighters of a number of other military groups.

5.   All agreements against different ethnics, particularly against Kurds, should be annulled.

The Kurdish official added that Moscow has told Kurds that Syria is not ready to make fundamental changes now and the changes should start with small steps and important steps should be taken in the future.


News Code: 15043  |  Date: 2017/01/15  |  Time: 10 : 2

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