Thousands of Kurds take to the Paris streets
Over 5,000 Kurds took to the streets of Paris on Saturday to demand justice and more effort to be put toward the investigation of what is believed to be a politically motivated assassination of three Kurdish women which took place in January of 2013.

Sakine Cansiz, Leyla Sonmez, and Fidan Dogan were shot in the head at close range. Their bodies were found at 02:00 am in the Information Center for Kurdistan in Paris, which is located on a busy street behind the train station Gare du Nord. All three victims were activists of the Kurdish community, and members of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).

Sakine Cansiz, was one of the founders of the PKK.  She was jailed in Turkey in 1980s, and thereafter worked with PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan in Syria.

Fidan Dogan was the head of the Information Center for Kurdistan and also the representative of the Brussels-based Kurdistan National Congress in Paris.

Leyla Soylemez was a junior activist in the organization.

‘The scene points to an assassination, but an investigation is being carried out to establish exactly what happened,’ said a French police official after the discovery of the bodies.

The suspect, 34-year old Turkish national Omer Guney, was arrested and set to go to trial on January 23 of this year. However, Guney, who maintained his innocence, died from a brain tumor in Paris last December.

It was suspected that Guney was instructed from people in Turkey.

However, Turkey has denied any involvement in the murders, saying that the attack was probably the result of "an internal feud."

More than 150 thousand Kurds live in France. Most of the Kurds living there originate from Turkey.

News Code: 14993  |  Date: 2017/01/08  |  Time: 9 : 1

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