Present political crisis threatens Kurdistan Region existence: journalist tells Kurdpress
The prominent Kurdish journalist and political analyst Ahmad Mire told in an interview with Kurdpress that the present political crisis in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq is threatening the existence of the region.

The situation has disappointed many in the region and the Kurdish dream, which the Kurds in Iraq have sacrificed their lives to, is being destroyed.

The chief editor of Levin Press, Mire said the economic crisis in the region has left a serious negative impact on the region and its journalism as the later has been seriously restricted and many reporters have been assassinated and many parties, among them ruling Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), terrors journalists easily, warning about terror not only against journalists but also religious leader and different groups of people.

He blamed Kurdish ruling non-democratic system which has boosted tribal leadership rather than a nation-state system, blaming the KDP fr trying to restrict the media, freedom and opposition voices.

Answering the question if only a political party is to be blamed, Mire said that the KDP is the main problem in the region but other parties including the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), Movement for Change (Gorran) and other parties are at wrong for the situation.

He further blamed Kurdistan Region President and the leader of the KDP, Massoud Barzani, as the main person and agent for the political crisis in Kurdistan Region.

The journalist warned in the interview about the deepening political tensions and rifts among political parties in the region and reiterated that the crises can destroy the social relations of the region to, a situation the region has faced for the first time in its history.

He further added that discussion over the creation of an independent Kurdish state at the moment is all but a poetic dream, adding that the Kurdish state that Barzani is talking about is a childish game as the real base and the internal and regional foundation are not prepared for it to happen.

Mire also said that Barzani uses the issue for political purposes as the Kurdish state is a political and national issue and needs internal unity before everything else.

News Code: 14932  |  Date: 2017/01/02  |  Time: 10 : 37

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