Nechirvan Barzani warns PKK to quit Shingal
The Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), Nechirvan Barzani, warned the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) that the region could use forces against the party if it stops short of quitting Shingal, a city in the region.

Barzani told al-Monitor in an exclusive interview that the PKK forces should quit Shingal and Erbil has discussed the issue with both governments of Baghdad and Washington, warning that the region would use force to make the PKK leave the city if the talks lead into no avail.

He further asked the PKK to end its military efforts in Turkey and try to pave ways for negotiation with Ankara and Erbil will help both sides to resume the talks.

We should discuss it with Baghdad. I discussed it with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and Shiite leaders of the country, the Kurdish PM said about the region’s independence from Baghdad, warning that the independence of the region would not live long if it is achieved without negotiation with Baghdad.

He added that talks to Turkey over the independence will start in 2017 and stated that Erbil will also discuss it with Iran.


News Code: 14875  |  Date: 2016/12/25  |  Time: 9 : 6

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