Official says Turkey and Iran should keep ties, two countries are divided over Syria
The chief of the Foreign Ties of the National Security Commission of Iran’s Parliament stated that Iran and Turkey should keep their ties, but added that the two countries are divided over the future of Syria.

Speaking to Kurdpress, Murteza Safari Natanzi, stated that talks were held between Russian and U.S. officials over the evacuations of citizens from Syria’s northern city of Aleppo and Iran has accepted the decisions made between sides.

He went on to add that it is Iran’s condition that Shiites could leave those cities that are under the control of the oppositions.

Turkey is our neighbor and we have common borders, he said about Iran ties with Turkey, adding that both sides should not allow their relation to be destroyed as such a situation benefits none of the two sides.

We have political differences with Turkey over Syria and we are in negotiation and have advised them that their policy would lead to no avail as it was so in the case of Aleppo.

News Code: 14861  |  Date: 2016/12/22  |  Time: 12 : 4

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