Barzani arrives in Hungary
Budapest- Kurdistan region president Massoud Barzani arrived in Bulgaria capital Budapest on Tuesday in his rounds of travels to the western countries.

Barzani left Washington and arrived Budapest in the early hours of Tuesday and was received by Bulgaria Foreign Minister deputy Hovary Yanoush, and Iraqi ambassador to the country Qasim Askar Hassan, Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) TV channel, Kurdistan TV reported.

Barzani and his delegation are scheduled to meet with Budapest senior officials, but there were no reports about the content of the meetings.

Barzani started his visit to Europe and America at the end of March. In his first trip Barzani visited Bulgaria capital Sofia and met with some high- profile officials in the country.

Shafaq website said in a report that Barzani visited Bulgaria to sign a arms buying deal with Sofia officials.

He then left Sofia for Washington and met American officials among then President Barack Obama, vice president Joe Biden, Department of State Secretary Hillary Clinton and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta.

Iraq political crisis, economic and trade ties between Arbil and Washington and some other issues were main topics Barzani discussed with Washington officials.


News Code: 1261  |  Date: 2012/04/11  |  Time: 9 : 57

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